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Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009.07.17 It's almost 3 am!!!

Skagit Tulip Festival, Spring 2008
it's almost 3 am, and i can't sleep yet,
sleeping alone is boring, i miss my hubby...
i miss to talk with him all night long (mostly I'm talking and later on found out that he already fell asleep!! pissed me off...hahahaha)
so i was chatting with him,

S: can't wait to sleep with you again
T: me too
S: but you have to promise not to snore and not to elbow me while sleeping!!
T: i can't wait to hug u
T: i don't snore, i only fart!
S: aaaaauhahuahuhauhuahuauhauhuhauha
i should blog about this!
T: hey
S: you are so hilarious!!!
T: noooooo
don't blog it
S: auhahuahuauuhauhauhaha
i'll blog it
T: shoot
you are too funny!!
T: i can't say anything bad about myself
you going to blog everything..
S: you just being honest
which is good!!

Tony is super hilarious, omg...i really miss him!!!
babe, if you read this, you know i miss you ;)
thank you for keep me smiling (and laughing too!!) you are the funniest!!

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