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Friday, July 10, 2009

2009.07.09 Dinner with BFF

Introducing, My Madagascar!!
her real name is Putri Ayuningtyas, a reporter / news anchor from Metro TV ;)
we've been best friend since junior high school, she's really cool and funny,
we like to bully each other ---> that's our LOVE! haha
i call her Madagascar,
she calls me Ice Age XD~

it's really cool that i got to meet her during her stay in Bali,
she came to Bali to covers the presidential election here,
Dad and I picked her up after her works hour and went to Cafe Batu JImbar, Sanur

us, pretending to looking at the menu...pretendinggggg....isn't obvious??? LOL
A cute salt & pepper container, looks like a Balinese dancer
Not long after we arrive, we moved to another table outside, we love to enjoy the fresh air here
Putri snacking on crispy banana chips
Not long after that, Savitri came and join us, looks stunning as always, but she was so busy chatting on her mobile...boohoo!! ;p
Gazpacho, cold tomato soup
Cold Soba with favorite fish!!! it never dried, the texture is always buttery, oh so good!!
Special of the Day, Beef Martabak
Dad's Leek Soup
Crispy Salmon
The live music was playing Jazz for that night ;)
we had Pink Guava Sorbet & Rum Raisin Ice Cream to close the night

too bad she had to go back to Jakarta the fay after the dinner, but I'm looking forward to meet her again soon on August ;)

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