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Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009.07.02 Pizza Hut in Indonesia, It's More than Pizza!!

Ciao tutti!
just want to share with you about what do we have at Pizza Hut here, in Indonesia,
just like any other fast food chan (like KFC, McD etc) we pretty much ALWAYS have some dish that came with rice, not that i always order that ;p
so here they are

the same old plates ;p
dad, while we were waiting for the EO to have a meeting,
actually the Pizza Hut here is pretty nice, really! i like the woven chair, and the also have the laf circle sofa as well, pretty cozy!!
Nice Lipton Lemon Tea, perfect for a summer day!
Some options from the Menu

Despite of the various Indonesian option, we still go for the classic,
Garlic Bread, it was super soft like marshmallow!! i want to go back for more!! ;D
Mom's Lasagna,
it's so funny how they told mom that she need to wait 14 minutes for this dish,
but later, this is the first dish to arrive on our table...LOL
The New Orleans Chicken Wings,
it was tasty but then super tiny!! i miss my big fat American Chicken!!! XD~
Garlic Bread with Melted Cheese
Chicken order so much i don't even know what was it...
My Chicken Fettuccine,
I'm kinda of sure that i was ordering the BEEF Fettuccine,
the chicken one is not as good, it's only using chicken sausage and mushroom,
the beef one come with tasty smoked beef...yummmm...
but i still eat this chicken one ;p
Sausage Bites and Potato Wedges
Beef Bruschetta & Shrimp Bruschetta

All this food remind me of my younger year,
when i was in my junior high school year, around 13 years old,
my bestfriends (untill now) and I used to visit this particular Pizza Hut at Ramayana Mall,
just because they have this cute waiter...uhahuauhuhauhuha...
he looks like an Indonesian singer, i guess...can't really remember the details
so we went there for at least once a week, and being weird and silly...LOL
it's so funny to remember those stories,
and also there was a hippopotamus-looked-alike manager than have crush at one of my friend haha. Putri, if you read this, i know you will laugh so bad!! omg...those younger year,
i can never forget that, being so young and carefree!! ;)

My best friend, Savitri just told me that we used to called that cute waiter...PONCO...LOL...i can't believe she remember this!! hey girl, you must have the biggest crush on him, dont't cha? XD~

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