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Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009.07.05 No Question Mark

do I have to be a "holy-place" goer to be a better person...
do I really need to prove that I'm good by going to the "holy-place",
no, I'm not being proud,
and no, i don't think I'm better than you...

I only can be humble and say...i don't have to prove myself to anyone,
He knows everything...and no, i don't have to show it to everyone,
He knows, and that's good enough for me
He that knows everything is my one and only judge,

and for the other, who are you to judge me...aren't we are all the same,
we are all sinners that had been given grace,
isn't it better to love each other,
than to judge each other...

No Question Mark.

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