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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009.07.19 Happy Sunday

Ciao tutti,
Happy Sunday!! i hope your Sunday is as sunny as mine here ;)
I'm so happy because today my sister will be here in Bali,
she was the one who keep pushing me to start this blog,
so, I'll be hang out with her and you gotta see more of her picture here

today, i would like to write to my readers,
i don't think that i have enough space to write on the cbox...talking about a chatty writer here! haha, so, here's my respond to your cbox comments,

sweetfurr : welcome to my blog dear, i hope you enjoy reading it ;)
everyone that like pets should check on her blog here, she got the cuttest puppies and kittens!!
so adorable!!

Cool Dude
wrote: your husband is so cool!

>>> Tony...i know this is you!! busted!! hahahaa!! I miss my funny hubby a lot!! XD~

Bali, Summer 2008

wrote: Seni, thankyou for being so full of life and joy and sharing it with us. Some times (recently) i've been so down and tired most days, so when i read your happy entries and see you beautiful smiling face, it brightens up my day (honestly). Its hard sometimes to remember to be happy with all the sadness and things going on around you, but if someone reminds you to, it's much easier :) keep smiling

>>> dear, you don't know, that you also brightern up my day, really!! to have a reader like you that keep supporting me, made me even happier ;D
i hope you won't give up when things get harder, because everything shall passed, and you'll be smiling again =)


  1. you and your hubby is so cute together!

  2. Thanks so much for introducing my blog. I first discovered your blog through browsing youtube beauty channels. I subscribed to some of the blogs by some beauty guru also, however, I've been enjoying your blog the most overall since you are very genuine. I really enjoy your posts about beauty stuff, food, relationship & pets. Also your pictures are very pretty!


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