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Monday, July 27, 2009

2009.07.27 Different Types of Sleeper

Today, she -suspected-to-be-a-pregnant-Pretty join Momo to sleep in my room,
and as always, they always sleep closely together like this, so sweet ;)
when my dad went home and visit my room to chat,
I start seeing the different sleep attitudes of them both

Pretty is a deep sleeper,
she just does not care if people come and go, talking and stuff, she just sleep there.
It bring back the memory of last year, she also sleep with me when she was so little. a deep sleeper, and a dreamer too.
my first experience to see her dreaming was rather scary (i got scary a lot when see weird behavior...hahaha) that time, her body was shaking, and i can hear her moaning...i though that she got seizure!!!! but find out that she does that a lot when she is

on the other hand, Momo is a VERY light sleeper,
he wakes up alot during the night,
if he hears me moved, he'll wake up and check it out...what a nosy kid he is! haha
when i go out of my room, he will follows (Pretty is stay sleeping),
basically, Momo is very loyal and follow me wherever i go, used to always follow me when i was about to take shower too!! but i already trained him not too...!! hahaha

ps. earlier today, i found out that Momo got hiccups!!
I was REALLY scared at first, i thought he got heart attack!!
but later on realized that it was a hiccups...haha

by the time i about to finish writing this post,
they already look like this...LOL

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