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Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009.07.11 Date with Savitri + Rats!!!

Today my bestie, Savitri picked me up for shopping and movie night,
we started up pretty late, she picked me up around 6.15 pm or so,
we were planning to watch the Transformer 2 at 8.30's super late yah!
I know that the whole world already watch this movie few weeks ago! ;p

My friend have a rather BIG accessory on her car...I never seen anyone hang this size of doll on the car's's cute though, Smurf, reminds me of my childhood's comic book
After we arrive at the Bali Mall Galeria around 7 pm, we went to the movie theater right away,
wishing to grab the 8.30 pm movie ticket before we had our dinner,
but guess was sold out!!!
so we purchase the ticket for the midnight show at 11.25 pm, we got the last 2 sits on the last row, lucky!! for those who don't know, in Bali, they sells the movie ticket with sit number printed.

My friend was craving for donuts, so we stop by and grab some for to go
and then we went for dinner at this random restaurant at the mall, Salvador...
the food was horrible...i order medium tenderloin, it came well done! and the meat was white...i suspect that it was a pork...
the Peach Ice Tea was pretty good though, i got my pineapple removed, since I'm allergic to it!
Some poor looking Calamari...but actually it wasn't that bad
Sav's Pork Medallion came with Salad
My poor looking tenderloin steak with ratatouille...tasted like crap...
After that we went shopping at Body&Soul clothing store,
i tried on a lot of stuff, but end up with one bright pink top only, i really like the color!! ;D
and we also went to 3 different shoe stores...but i didn't get anything!! my feet are way too small!! they don't have my size =(

last but not least, we went to the bookstore, and i purchased the Twilight series...haha..i purchase the Indonesian one, since they have special price for that. I got them all for around 25 usd only, i'm happy!

finally...we went to the movie theater
I was super excited to watch this movie, hubby told me that it was awesome. I watched the 1st Transformer and really like it too.
My friend, on the other hand...she never watched the 1st one, and only watch this for the heck of it. because everyone watch it already. when the movie started, she already complain that the movie was boring and she did not like it. but i told her to wait and just try to enjoy the movie...
buttttttttt...she keep making comment about how fake / exagerrating the movie was.the only thing she like about the movie was Josh Duhamel!! note: she keep complaining with a loud voice!!! people keep looking at her because of that! I almost put the donuts on her mouth to shut her up...hauaauha... XD~.
I was really enjoying the movie on it's peak know, the part when Sam almost die and stuff...then suddently my friend made a weird movement, and jumping around on her chair, then almost jumping on my chair!! what the...ehm...???!!!
me: what's happen?
her: something's moving...something is poking my waist!!
me: ha?? are you sure???
her: yes!! i think it was a rat! i can hear the noice, like ciiiittt...ciiit...
me: ........
her: no kidding!
me: ok, let me check! ,
then i was scanning her chair with my tea bottle, even use my cellphone to search it, but i seen nothing.

but guess what...after the movie finish, and the light was on, i saw something peeking behind her chair, and that was the rat!!!!!!!!!!!! I even saw it climbed up the wall...
omg...what a creepy experience!! that's it, i will not go back to that movie theater kidding!!

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