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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009.07.15 Old Tale of the Cherries

got this pretty image from

It was around early 2004, where i had one of the best moment in my life,
being in OCAC, a Chinese learning program in Taipei, Taiwan.
I met a lot of friends from all over the world, sharing our youthful spirit and joy,
we called ourselves, The Cake, for cake is made from a lot of different ingredients,
that's us, so many different people, but were all good friend,

and on top of the cake, there was us, the cherries. yes, there were 2 cherries, me and him.
my partner in crime, the life of the party ;p
we were enjoying our moment, being young bit dangerous! haha
our time together with all the fabulous friends was really short, it was only 3 months,
but yes, that was unforgettable moment!
whenever the memory of OCAC visit me, i'll smile ;)

today, we still call each other with that "cherry" code,
nope, it's not a romantic nickname,
i was never his, and he was never mine,
but we were the cherries of the cake, that's what we were ;D

beside calling each other "cherry" we also call each other by our own origin...weird, but that's the way it is!! XD~

haha Bali! I miss those days! We have so much fun! You know how cherries are always one stalk, split into two stalks and then the two cherries on each stalk? That is you man, my wing man! AND I NEED MY PARTNER!!!!

omg!! i miss you badly too you know!!!
you know what...dum dum dum...i'm going to taipei next month!! oh how i miss those place, i wanna take picture infront of our old school!! uhahuauhuha,
mannnnnn... i remember we help zhong an (Andre) to escape from the school's 3rd floor...we were wild!!

haha Yeah I rem! He was too heavy man! We were three guys holding the bed sheets and its was still a struggle! whahaha So funny now!

i remember he fell,
but thanks to all those fat, no broken bones!!
i still have the pictures from your bday, when carlos ripped off your undies...hahahaha...must be hurt!!

Yeah I remember that! Crazy brazilian tradition, tamader! haha! Yeah I also look at the pics from OCAC, really brings alot of good memories!

good memories, that were all OCAC was about!! I will be forever cherish those memories ;)

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