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Friday, July 3, 2009

2009.07.03 Sit, Shakes Hand, Flat & Rolls!!

Ciao tutti, this is Reagen, our lovely 1 year old Black Labrador,
today he have his trainer came and train him obedience and some tricks as well,
Reagen is...ehm...smarter than his twin brother, Brador ;p
and the trainer also said that Reagen has a stronger smelling sense

My dad told me that the trainer is from the police academy K-9 Department,
he also train my dogs to find bomb / explosive ingredient

here's the trainer let Reagen sniffs the explosive powder
waiting while the trainer hide the explosive powder,
Apparently the trainer put it on this pot
I won't believe it if i did not seen it by myself, but as the trainer told me...once Reagen find the explosive stuff, he will just sit there and won't move!! can you see that the trainer looks so happy and proud...LOL

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