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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009.07.15 Balinese Food from Warti Buleleng

mom and grandma (from mom's side)
you might wonder, why i haven't post any food related post lately?
oh well...the bride to be is on diet now! and it's really annoying,
first, diet is never fun,
second, there's too much tempting food here to passed!!
but today, I..ehm...permit myself to indulge on these awesome Balinese food,
not that I'm cheating on my diet, but these foods are from my caterer,
the one that going to handle the Balinese food on my wedding,
sooooo, i have to try it, righttttt ;D
the caterer: Warti Buleleng

honestly, it's kind of hard to translate the Balinese food here,
since english do not have the exact words for 'em
so let me just write the dish name in the original context ;)

the two small bowls close to mom's hand was different type of chilli sauce,
one of them, it was mixed with some type of flower, i never tried it before. tasted great though!
The soupy stuff inside the bown was Gerangasem (my 1st time ever heard about this name!!) it was chicken soup in spicy soup. it wasn't hot, but rich in taste. I like it!
and the stuff on the while bowl on the back was Ikan RicaRica (Fish with rica rica sauce) it was a tuna cooked in the rica rica sauce, not really a Balinese dish.
the whole set
At the back: Sayur Daun Belimbing ( the starfuit leaves), Lawar Ayam (shreded chicken with diced young jackfruit), Kacang Panjang (long bean) and Ayam Tutu (Chicken cooked in tutu sauce)
Tum Babi (steam minced pork & pork skin) this one was super delish!! i can chow down all of them at once!!

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