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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009.07.15 DISGUSTING Trend!! more than a Prank call...

This post begin when i received a phone call while i was at a travel agency,
my cell rang, and i picked it up,
inside the travel agent office, it was super busy and loud, not mention the bad reception for my mobile, so i can't barely hear who was calling me,
i thought it was my friend, so i told him that i'll call him back,
not long after that, the same person call me again,
i still can remember the weird voice, sounds so odd,
that's not my friend!!

and now, it's 2.20 am in the morning,
my mobile rang...wth...who was it???
unknown number, not from my contact. i ignore the first call, but not long after that, my mobile rang again.
i picked it up, the same voice from earlier today,
i asked, who was it, he replied that he was my friend,
i was too pissed off, then i just hang up

i told my friend about this, we were chatting,
and she told me an SHOCKING news!!
that this is the trend nowadays, since the mobile and the provider is super affordable in indo,
even those people with low income can afford it,
and sometimes at the mobile store, they have a free phone that anyone can use,
my friend told me that she saw homeless people and pervy guys que in line, want to use those free phone, calling random people, WISH to score something!!
how disgusting it is!!!!!! it's more than just a prank call...they tend to make a bootie calls!!
they keep calling random people, expect to talk to a girl, and...if they got lucky...they'll get something...this is ridiculous!! i don't get it, really!!


  1. "super poor people" doesn't seem so nice of you -____-

    but ewwww! that's disgusting how some people call random people expecting to get some booty calls!!! >.<

  2. but that's true...the homeless on the street take advantages of this free phone...
    and their main purpose is to get the them victim to bed,
    and my friend telling me, lots of innocent girl from village already became the victim...that's horrible!!

  3. And you've read one of the news by yourself too. Ahahaha. This is Indonesia...

  4. yes, yes...that's unbelievable!! how the innocent girl got trapped that easily...poor them! =(


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