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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009.07.19 Haul from My Sister

Ciao tutti!!
this post is going to be a beauty related post,
i haven't really blog anything about beauty lately, so this is it,
some update and haul for my youtube subscriber ;)

first of all, some update from my eyelash growth,
i started using the Enormous Lash on June 12th,
this is my 5th weeks already. i have to be honest that i did not apply it as often as i should,
sometimes i forget to apply it for several days ;p
but I can see significant different on the length of my lower lash,
it used to be really short (those short thin Asian lashes...>,<), but now it's long, no kidding! i tried to take picture here, but the picture does no do justice to the real length the upper lash, off course, was falsie ;p

contact lens: Freshkon in Perky Brown

Okay, now it's time for the Haul!! yay XD~
these are from my sister, she just came back from Singapore,
I'm so happy!!
I got some skincare from Laneige Star White line, i think this product will be discontinue, since the Korean website already remove this line from its website, and change it with the White Plus Renew, but i want to try the Star White anyway ;)
really excited to try this, hopefully it will helps with my sun-spots

Laneige Star White Skin Refiner, Laneige Star White Emulsion & Laneige Star White Cream,
their container are rather on the heavy side, not really traveling friendly, nonetheless, they look pretty ;)
MAC Colour Craft,
i really love their Mineralize product, the MSF & Mineralize blush,
i skip the eyeshadw since they tend to be too powdery ;p
MSF, Mineralize Blush, Brush #131 & #226
Mineralize Blush in...(left to right)
Cheek&Cheerful (Mid tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining)
Daft Pink (Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining)
Fad-Dabulous (Dirty Burnt coral yellow gold veining)
Improvise (Mid tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining)MSF in...(left-right)
Porcelain Pink (Soft pinky coral w/ gold veining)
Cheeky Bronze (Soft Golden Coral w/ bronze pearl)


  1. I recently tried LiLash, and my eyelids got irritated and became a bit painful the next day. Although I did see the lash started curling up on its own, I returned the product just to be safe. Maybe I'll try Enormous lash later on.

  2. the first time i use the enormous lash, my lids feel a little bit warm, but that's it. it does not hurt the lid / eyes, unless you drop the potion in your eyes, but the it only sting for few second. i think this product is pretty good ;)


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