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Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009.07.26 Addicted to the Twilight Saga

If you think that I was on a hospital room, you are right!
i was visiting my aunt there, and find that the other bed was empty...haha
then i use it to read my Twilight Saga...wishing that a cute doctor like Carlisle will come and visit the room!! but off course it never!!
actually i think that the hospital bed is really cool, that we can adjust the head position,
I end up fell asleep there...LOL
have I ever told you that i could fall asleep kinda...everywhere...hahaha,
one time i fell asleep at a gym in Taipei,
the other time i feel asleep at a badminton court at Beijing...hahaha,
I don't know why it's easy for me to fall asleep anywhere but in my room!!

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