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Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009.07.23 Kebaya Fitting

If you read my previous post about kebaya already,
you knew that i purchase the kebaya fabric and went to tailor to make my very first kebaya,
today i went there to do the fitting,
the result is different from the one i saw on the store (i show it to the tailor aswell)
but i also love this one, it's longer, therefore, will make my torso looks longer,
and will create the tall & slim silhouette for me! lovey!!

about my kebaya, i think the shoulder part was a little bit too wide,
so the tailor going to alter it a little bit more, then i should be able to pick it up by tomorrow.
did i told you that the labor cost 15 usd?? ;D

so here's some shots from the fitting today,
pardon the poor quality, it was taken without flash ;p
ps. off course I'm not going to wear the kebaya with hot pants & flip flop like this! haha

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