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Friday, July 31, 2009

2009.07.30 Another Daddy-Daughter Day Out, The Wedding Preparation (2)

Then we have meeting at the Chapel, Bali Trtha Uluwatu,
a very beautiful place! poor pictures don't do justice to its beauty
to have my wedding here is a dream come true for me,
I will be be forever grateful, daddy ;)

the lobby area
On the way to the Guest's Lounge
White Orchid is their signature decoration
on the right hand's the chapel!
Let's enter the lounge!
The view from the lounge's dock,
on the left...
and on the right,
hello beautiful! ;D
Inside the chapel,Daddy looks all smiling and so happy and ready for my wedding ceremony!! ;D
preparation room for the guest
locker for the guest
Suite 1, the preparation room for the groom,
Suite 2 is for the bride, the exact same room, with the direct view of the chapel =)
it even come with the bathroom!
too much pictures already, i hope you enjoy the preview ;)


  1. The view inside the chapel is breathtaking! Can't wait to see your wedding photos!!!

  2. That place looks so beautiful!!!


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