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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009.07.08 Trip to Karangasem

I live in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali,
and we went to Karangasem, the very east part of Bali island.
the name Karangasem could be really weird if I translate it to's the direct translation ;p
Karang = Rock
Asem = Sour
Karangasem = sour rocks?? XD~

the purpose of our trip was to "Nyekar" (spreading flower) on our ancestor's cemetery,
the grave of my great great grandmother from dad's side
the view on the way there was awesome,
green green rice fields, tall tall palm trees and blue blue Bali!
Now we are arrive at Desa Tumbu, the cemetery location
from the main road, we still need to walk another 20 minutes through the rice field to reach the cemetery, this is how we get there...
Me and my cousin Malachi
My Tjie's Family ;)
Once we climbed higher, the view just get nicer and nicer, it was all green..really soothing!
ups...seems like someone missing their sarong! LOL
hike hike hike...
finally...tadada...nothing scary, really!
beautiful view from the top, clear blue sky, not any single cloud were there ;D
mom prepare some edamame as snack...yummy!! ;)
My Uncle Awun & Aunty Diana...the one that looks like my dad, picnic before spreading the flower ;D
here's the tomb of my great great grandmother...
My aunt told me the story,
my great great grandmother was the daughter of a governor in Mainland China,
she was married into a scholar gentleman, the 17th generation of Tjie family.He was an educated man, but not rich.
the left her house with her loyal servant to enter the new family. Her husband is the 3rd son, there were 4 sons in the Tjie family that time.
My great great grandmother was the only daughter in law that came from rich family, the governor's daughter. Therefore, when the other daughters in law works at the rice field, she stay at home, and send her loyal servant to take her place working at the rice field.
The other 3 daughters in laws were jealous of her, and sell her servant to the barbaric. But then her father, the governor send her another servant to assist her.
The other 3 daughters in law are came from farmers family, the did not have any nice dresses. so when there were a party in town, they borrow dresses from my great great grandmother...and never return it, sell it at the market...talking about wicked in laws!! they've been there forever...oh my my...i feel you great great grandma!! hahahaha

My great great grandmother has 2 sons, and they migrate to Bali. later on, the sons take her to Bali as well, that's how our family start to live here.
there's so many funny story about my big family, i'll share with you one day ;)

Vamped up her grave with beautiful flower petals ;) looks so beautiful now ;)
On the way back...
My dad with Mount Agung at the background
the path was so narrow, must be extra careful!!
during the lunch break, the farmers use this for their shelter from the heat
dipping my happy feet was so fun, the water was clear, cold and very refreshing!
these big stones were thrown here when Mount Agung erupted on 1963
I always envy mom's legs, they are slim and nice. mine are shorts and chubby...duh! XD~
spider web...i could only imagine how hard it was to build this one!!
the street was empty...woohoo!!
dad was enjoying his walk ;)
The simple life,
cute kids!! ;D
this is how they do laundry
they even have a pool table!! so fun!! ;D

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