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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009.07.14 Wearing Simple Kebaya, as Easy As 123!!

Hi all,
lately i've been craving for more kebaya,
and today, i feel like a little girl when i went to my mom's room and tried on her Kebaya & Kamben (the sarong type material, but use to pair with you Kebaya)

here's the simple steps to wear Kebaya,

1. Put on the long torso bra,
long torso bra / bustier is a must when wearing kebaya
2. wrap the Kamben around your lower body,
mom help me with this stylize way to wrap Kamben,
of you can also wrap it in a simple way, then put the long torso bra on top of the Kamben,
so the long torso bra will hold on the Kamben
3. Put on your Kebaya,
here I was wearing a Kebaya that was design by my own father...hmmm...he got lots of talent!
this particular Kebaya is bottunless, the purpose was to put it as a layer on top of your camisole,
usually, when wearing this type of kebaya, we put a pretty pin around the chest area,
but i just want to try it quickly, so we use the baby pin on it ;)
After trying on mom's kebaya,
we went to the Tailor to made my very first kebaya,
the Tailor was very chatty and friendly ;)
and my kebaya should be finish by next week, i'm so excited!!

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