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Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009.07.05 National Marching Band Championship

My friends and I been planning to go to this event since last year,
I'm so glad that we finally made it today,
even that the location was super hot and humid ---> made my hair totally flat!! >,< but watching those amazing high school / junior high school marching bands was totally worth it, there were some of a really impressive one ;) since it was a national championship, there were some groups that come from other island of Indonesia if the internet connection allows me, i will upload them on youtube
so here's some of the pictures,
The 007 theme, i like it already...007!! no one really sit on the other side, the economic class.
the ticket was $3.50, my friends and I got the VIP for $4.50.
the VIP section was jam packed
can you spot the Bond ;p
And this one is from SMANSA, my friend's alumni,
the theme was: Global Warming
in my humble opinion, they surely wear the most eye catching wardrobe,
bling bling and all, i love it!!
and they use MJ's song, Heal The World for the closing song
My friends and I
The Beauty and the Beast theme was really nice too!!

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