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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009.07.21 Trattoria

Ciao tutti!
it's been a while that I haven't really dine out due to...ehm...bridal diet!! haha
so, today's dinner was quite pleasant for me,
finally...real food, for at least one night ;)

My sister's friend is in town, so it was the three of us went to dinner together,
we end up dining at Trattoria, an Italian restaurant located at Seminyak area,
on this particular street, you can find lots of good restaurant,
and you can rarely see local people here,

Tonight, Trattoria was jam packed as always,
and we had to share 1 small table for the 3 of us...

Some parts of the menu
simple flower and candle really vamped up the mini table
Happy face, knowing that I'm going to have some great food XD~
The Complimentary Bruschetta & Breads
My tiny ice lemon tea, it's really small!! ;p
The Appetizer,
Mix Di Carpacci
A plate mix of salmon, tuna and octopus carpacio.
non mi piace molto, only like the octopus, the dressing were too sour for my taste ;p
The restaurant have this cozy and relax vibe
My Entree,
Costolette Di Agnello Scottadito
Lamb chop served with mash potatoes and sauteed spinach. but i requested to change the sauteed spinach with the sauteed zucchini.
it was good!! i love the zucchini, and the lamb chop was juicy!! awesomeness ;D
Oza's (what a cool name!) ;)
Filetto Al Funghi
Sauted beef tenderloin with mix mushroom in a creamy sauce served with salad & mash potatoes
Grigliata Mista Di Carne Con Patate
Assorted mix meat grill: lamb chop, grilled roll Italian bacon with pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, chicken breast and Italian sausages served with french fries
and off course after that we still craving for dessert, yumyummmm

Oza'z Tiramizu was too cute!!
I choose the Hazelnut & Yogurt Gelato,
both were really nice, but together, not the best combination! haha
My sis got the Pistachio & Strawberry Gelato,
i think the Pistachio is the perfect match for my Hazelnut ;D


  1. Yummy food! I'm glad you got to eat some real food.
    The red top is sexy :D

  2. thank you dear, actually it was a red dress ;)

  3. yes, the red dress looks Sexy on you!!! :P I like IT! yum yum..........I mean the food...

  4. Tony!! i wonder why you always have weird sounds like a robot's serial code ;p


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