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Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009.07.04 Balinese Wedding Outfit

Today i will show you more that foods in Bali,
let's peek on the traditional cloths,
they are super tight, its like wrapping a stiff toilet paper on your chest and waist,
hard to breath? o'yess...but maybe because i'm not used to that kind of clothing,
it's really tight, that i need help to stand up!! haha ;D

We took this picture on Summer 2007, 2 years ago,
this is Balinese traditional wedding outfit,
I love the pretty colors on the fabric, it looks so festive,
i hope you enjoy these photos ;)

I did my own make up here,
but they have to add the white dots on my temple,
they were using toothpaste
They do the same for the guys, red dot on the forehead, and the three white dots on each temple
this is on the photographer's backyard,
with Balinese traditional instrument


  1. omg this is just so beautiful. i love how bright the colors are. what's the 3 white dots on the temple for? if u dont mind me asking.

  2. thank you dear,
    i don't really know about the three dots too, i think it's something related with Hindu wedding

  3. Very cool experience and pics!!!


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