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Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009.07.26 Lengkeng

Ciao tutti, i represent to youuu, one of my favorite fruit!
Lengkeng / Kelengkeng, a.k.a Longan,
a produce of South East Asia ;)

we got them for Rp.15.000 / kg. it's around 1,5 bucks / kg
the size itself is rather small, it's a bite size, which i like ;)
the skin is thin, and it's easy to open it, just squeeze it toward the center, and it will crack / open by itself. remember not to squeeze too hard, for you might loose the juice!
the inside part of the fruit is transparent
the meat is not as thick as lychee, also not as sweet as lychee, but i really like it!!
what's left at the end... ;p


  1. i love longan! so glad im from asia tooo...all the lovely fruits!...ehehe..and i like my longan especially in my drink.. 'ice milk longan' hehehe..


  2. I love longan and lychee!!! They are refreshing & tasty~

  3. yes, they are so delicious!
    i think that the tropical places have the best fruit option ;D


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