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Friday, July 17, 2009

2009.07.17 What a Cool Doctor!!

Long story short, we went to this Doctor,
to my surprise, this doctor (actually a professor!) was super cool!!
let me start with my first experience when entering his room...sniff...sniff...i tried to sniff up the infamous aroma of doctor's room. you know, that strong antiseptic odor that will make you nervous. but i can't smell any trace of that annoying odor! instead, i smell this faint fragrance that cames from the Bunga Sedap Malam (type of flower that will release its aroma at night) that were placed on the corner of the room.
even the vase itself looks pretty!!
even that i really don't like doctors...but i have to admit that this doctor really amused me!!
he does not even looks like intimidating doctor with the white doctor cloth, he looks so casual and cool. i can't believe myself describing a doctor with "cool" world...that's so not me...

and look at his office room! it looks so polished, some traditional decoration here and there, the nice book collection, and the miniature of his own Harley. the doctor is a Harley's rider!!
I didn't get the chance to took the picture, but he has this very nice picture of Elvis at his office...OMG...Elvis was super handsome!! charming like...i don't know what...hahaha...but looks truly georgeus!!

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