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Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009.07.05 Bizzare Fod and More

For some people, or at least for my own sister,
Durian might be a disgusting smelly fruit!
but I'm absolutely LOVE 'em,
I especially in favors for Bangkok's Durian, the seed is small, the fruit meat is thick,
taste so much better than the local Durian
at the same mart, i also got some chewing gum,
some of the basic one,
and some of the fruities one,
After afternoon jog with my mom and Pretty,
we went for the famous street vendor that sells tofu,
located at Kertawijawa Plaza
a lot of famous street vendor's food is much better taste than the one being sold at the restaurant
Tahu Tek: combination of fried tofu, boiled potato, bean sprouts, cucumber salad, topped with peanut sause
Cak Pur, the boss
Mom & Pretty were waiting for our order
since i don't really like peanut sauce, so i order the plain tofu with shrimp paste sauce, it was really good!! the tofu was so soft, not dry whatsoever

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