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Monday, July 13, 2009

2009.07.12 Old Letters

It was an ordinary Sunday for me,
have to wake up early in the morning to go to church,
I love to play with my dogs in the morning, before i left the house,
they always cheer me up

the twin with Momo at the background, i Love them so much! ;)
I sat next to my little cousin, Ian. he just arrived from New Jersey few days ago,
he had this funny comic book, Suicidal bunny / rabbit ( can't really recall) ;p

After Church, mom and I went for lunch,
this small restaurant sells all lamb dish,
lamb satay and Gule / Gulai (lamb soup)
it's a typical Indonesian small restaurant
The crackers was ok, not really my fav,
i like the big white fish crackers that usually stored in a big jar...yumyum....
The lamb satay, it was pretty tasty, and don't have the strong lamb odor, which is good!
and this is Gule, the lamb soup...i really like it! actually,sometimes i don't even bother to eat the meat, i just drink the soup, and ask for extra soup... ;p
After the lunch, we went home and i have to do some unfinished business!!
cleaning my drawer from old letters,
during my high school year, i have lots of mailing friend, and we seriously write mail to each other, not e-mail. it was so fun!! but now, i only still keep in touch with only few of them,
and lots of the old letters...i don't even know who the sender was,
so clean my drawer and shredded lots of the mail, i mean...LOTS of them...if filled my thrash bin to almost 90% ...lots of the paper used was really nice, those Japanese / Korean stationary
the unwanted one...
the stash that i keep...i haven't read those again, but i will ;)
such a wonderful memories
ah ya...introducing, Salak ( Snake Fruit)
the outer skin looks like snake's skin, but the inner layer is really good!!
Bali is famous for the Salak Bali ;D

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