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Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009.07.25 New Hair Color and The History

Ciao tutti,
I've been dying my hair since I was graduated from high school.
Actually i did a 4/ 6 strands of highlight during my senior year,
the highlight was 2 shades lighter than my own shades, nothing obvious
I still remember how nervous and excited I was to get my hair dyed, I was 18 years old
and I also remember how furious my mom was when she found out that i dyed my hair,
don't ask me why, I still don't understand...hahahaha
and yeah i got punishment (from mom) for being a student with coloured hair,
i can't use my cellphone for few weeks...talking about the epitome of strict Asian parent here ;p
before i continue the story,
i should go back to my youngest year,
even that my parents hair was the typical black color,
but i was born with a super fair skin and super light hair,
and when i was 3 years old or so, my hair color was still as light as the corn's hair,
and that time, in our little city of Denpasar,
no Asian kids having that kind of hair color. My mom was worried that i might get bullied,
so she start putting "Minyak Cemceman" an traditional herb to darkened my hair,
the result was, little bit little, my hair turn into dark ebony color, but it was never black.

now we jump back to my high school year
so I was so happy when i graduated from high school,
and I think to myself, freedom! for me to dye my hair now!! hahaha...
and my journey begun, I tried a lot of different hair color,
bleached my hair,
and I even tried the bright cherry color. imagine Marry Jane's hair color on the Spiderman poster! it was that bright ;p

compare to my adventurous younger year,
my color option for hair dye now is rather boring, dark to medium brown.
just enough to freshen up my skin complexion,
dark hair color made me looks so pale, and yes, i did tried dyed my hair in black before...haha...i was scared when looking at my reflection on the mirror. too pale!
Now i always opt for cool tone brown, ashy color is always my favorite,
but they always turn brassy and orangey after months...blah

When i was in US, i realize that buy the coloring kit at drugstore and DIY,
have the same result as having it done at beauty salon for 80 bucks,
same result, but a fraction of the course i opt to DIY on my own bathroom ;D
i usually got my hair dye for around 10 bucks,
so i can enjoy my other 70 bucks for anything else, nice dinner for 2, maybe ;)

but while I'm in Indo that provides cheap salon service,
i prefer to pampered myself and let them do the job ;p

this is what i use today, got it from drugstore before i leave USA,
never use this brand before, but it was on sale...hahahah...less than 4 bucks, and came with mini shampoo and conditioner, off course i grabbed it!! XD~

I love the result, dark espresso color ;)
super shiny under the sun!! ;)
Nice color, but this is not a really happy ending story,
due to my sensitive skin, my scalp always feel super itchy after i dye my hair...ALWAYS!
and I've been spending my evening by scratching my head like monkey...hahahahha,
good thing i do this 2 weeks before my wedding...or else! XD~

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