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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009.07.15 Late Night Snack...Snake Fruit / Salak

Ciao tutti!
this is Salak Bali, Bali's Snake Fruit,
the English translation is referring to the outer appearance of this fruit,
it looks like the snake's scale. but not slimy, off course!
remember to be careful when peeling this fruit. you don't need knives to open it, but the skin is sharp and might cut skin. be-care-ful!
This salak usually consist of 3 parts that stick together. the most common type is come with 1 big one and 2 of the small one (we called it, came with 1 mother and 2 sometimes, it also come with 2 big & 1 small,
this particular Salak came with 1 mother and 2 child ;D
Salak came with a very thin layer of skin on its outer part, usually people do not peel the skin to avoid constipation. yes, eating too much Salak might cause

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