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Friday, July 17, 2009

2009.07.17 Milk before Bedtime

We have 3 puppies that stay inside of the house,
Dodo, Pretty and Mocha (Momo),
they are super cute, always waiting at the door when we came home,
and they always surround me and follow me everywhere...because I'm the one that always feed them treat and pamper them the most! haha, i love my babies!!

so when i got home, i prepare some milk for them
Unlike Dodo & Pretty, Momo's face is really flat and does not really have he always end up putting this whole face into the bowl...LOL...after he finished, his face and beard will be soaked wet!!
Pretty ended up only drink half of her milk...she does not have appetite for anything but the snack. she does not want to eat in the morning, nor at night, we have to feed it to her mouth! I'm sad and worry about her...
but my mom suspect that Pretty is pregnant! I'm not sure too, have to call the vet to check on her.
while Pretty loosing her appetite, Momo been gaining weight and became so fat because he always finished up Pretty's meal!!

Dodo the loner...
he've been behave really badly...being a hater...LOL. He wants all the attention, so lately i'm givin' in and get closer to him. I even train him to shake hand!!
and I'm a proud momma!! he learns to shake hand in 3 days!! so fast!!
so i took him outside and let him watch the labs shaking hand with me, then i train him to do the same ;)
Dodo is super self-centered and stubborn, but actually, he's really smart!! ;D


  1. such cute dogs! and awwww to Dodo!

  2. One trick to feed dogs that don't eat is to smear some food on their nose, they will lick it and eat it that way. I tried it with one of my puppies and it worked! I hope Pretty feels better soon!


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