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Friday, July 17, 2009

2007.07.17 Test Food at Golden Lotus Restaurant

After attending the bible study in the morning,
my family and I went to Golden Lotus Restaurant that located inside Bali Dynasty Hotel,
on my wedding day, we going to use this place for the lunch and the traditional tea ceremony,
so today we going to test the food that we already picked
Now that i think about it...i think Bali Dynasty & Golden Lotus are good names to0!!

my family had been regular customer in this restaurant since long time ago,
not that we always go there all the time , but we like to use their place when we held dinner banquet, family reunion, birthday and so on.
every time i visit this restaurant, i will remember my childhood, when we go there more often
it was quite impressing how the waiter / waitress still know dad's name ;D

I the way they serve the food on top of the silver tray, made it look really polished.
Unlike most of the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Seattle, where they don't even care if they spill your tea and stuff, and serve you with sour face, even argue with customer!!
at Golden Lotus, the waiter / waitress always have good service, keep changing our plate with the clean one. very polite too. Their service is really impressive.
so I really enjoy the experience being pampered here...haha,

Here's the dish from our menu,

The Hot & Sour Soup
it was really delish!! but i were too hungrty that i forget to took pictures...haha!

Steam Fish Fillet with Soy Sauce,
the meat was super tender, but not saggy. really nice!! I love steam fish!!
Yang Chow Fried Rice
you can't even imagine how happy i was to eat some carbs!!! food testing was the best reason to indulge on some carbs...hahahha...I love the fried rice too, oh well...I LOVE RICE...all Indonesian love rice! for some, they can't even eat without
Bean Curd with Spicy Minced Pork
the tofu had thin wrinkled skin on the outside, but once you bite it, the inside part was super delicate...sooooooooooo delish!! and it's not spicy at all! i always love tofu, its good for the skin!
Stir Fried Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
the meat was really really nice, it's so tender and not chewy at all, we like it a lot!
Kailan with Garlic
i'll start sound like a broken cassette, but it's really tender!! i love how they cook the meal nicely, no hard meat, not hard raw veggies, it was all nice!!
Crispy Chicken
this was my least favorite dish, the meat was dry. But once again, i don't really like chicken, and i only eat the dark meat like the legs and the wings, that's it...oh, and off course i love the skin!! ;p
Almond Pudding with Assorted Fruits
always had this since i was little ;D
Mango Pudding
nice, but not as creamy as the one from Genki Sushi, Seattle

After the test food,
mom and I went to Carrefour to get some more Durian,'s like Durian Heaven there!!
the one we picked was super delish!! super super good!! my twin labs even stole the durian scale from the trash bin, and their snouts were covered by some of the Durian left over...LOL

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