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Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009.07.04 I LOVE Creambath

If you don't know what creambath, let me explain...
Creambath is a hair treatment, where they put the cream of your choise,
then massage it all over your scalp for about one hour,
then put a steam on it. the other option is to wrap the hot towel around the head,
then they will massage your neck and shoulder. and i got back massage as well in this place,
and depend on the salon, sometimes they even massage your arms,
I feel so pampered, not mention that they will blow dry your hair afterward,
i feel relax and pretty at the same time ;)

i never been to this particular Johny Andrean place to have creambath,
apparently, this Johny Andrean is the biggest salon chain all over Indonesia,
not saying that they are that great, i never cut my hair there,
but for treatment like this i'm willing to try...and guess what, i'm hooked now!!
the guy that massage me today was pretty awesome,
the massage was good, and he was not to know, sometimes those people in beauty salon just talk too much, but not this one, so i can enjoy my book.

on the other hand, the guy that blows dry my hair were...kinda weird and feeling chatty,
even asking where i live?? ehm, i don't think it's appropriate!
i just said: Bali (which is obvious that we are all in Bali!!) LOL,
after that he did not saying anything ;p
nonetheless, i gave them both the same tips. i was satisfied with the result.

about the cream itself, we have lots of options to choose from,
from the traditional one: avocado, carrot, ginseng, cilantro (i'm not kidding!) and more,
to the international brand like Hair Spa from Loreal,
today, i tried the Matrix (yes, the same one like they sell in USA) for colored hair

the price came to: 9 usd, including the blow dry. can you believe it??
and no, this is not a ghetto kind of place ;p
it was worth every penny of it

fun enough, i even met my Balinese friend from Seattle!!
what a small world ;D

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