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Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009.07.26 Late Dinner with Dad

It was 8.30 pm already when dad called me,
he asked if i already ate, yes, i told him so
what did you ate? he asked... lengkeng...i sad it was XD~
so I decided to accompany him for dinner,
dinner with him is always fun anyway,
and today, we went to Arena, a sport Bar in Sanur area,
they are famous for their grilled stuff

I got hot tea, and dad got fresh strawberry juice without sugar
My Mix Salad looks really sad...LOL...what kind of salad is this!!
but i like the Italian dressing, it was sour and i love it!!
I always order the Portobello Mushroom, delish!! ;)
Dad's Roast Beef was sooo goood!! and the gravy was really delish too!! it was not listed on the menu, was the special today
and the Smoked Mahi Mahi was really good too!!
Overall it was a great dinner, i want to take hubby here ;)

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