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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009.07.08 Badung Market

After the breakfast,
we went to Peken Badung (Badung Market) to get some flowers to spread at the cemetary,
the flowers were nice, those were the flowers that Balinese people use for every day life ceremony
these flowers were so fragrant that there were a lot of bees flying around it ;)

the flower sellers (can't call the florist though!) were as tricky as snake,
since the price of the flower was count per kilogram,
they were using a scale. but they cheat the scale...that's a normal thing here,
to be expected.
so when my mom caugh them cheating on her,
like...telling her the flowers were 1kg, but actually it was 2 ounces less than that
the seller confront my mom,
seller: "so, do you want the tricky price or the honest price??!"
mom: "off course you have to to give me your original price, but using the honest scale!"
seller: "no, can't do!"
mom: "how came you selling stuff like this?"
seller: "if you are not happy, next time came with your own scale!"
LOL...the seller acted like they did not need the money...

anyway, here's how the market looks like

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