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Monday, July 13, 2009

2009.07.13 Kebaya Shopping

My friend going to have a Balinese Traditional Wedding in 2 weeks,
and it's time for me to shop for Indonesian traditional cloth, Kebaya
it's a shame that i never own any of them before,
i think Kebaya is really beautiful and elegant, everyone that wear Kebaya look so polished!!

so mom took me to this store, she said that they have a pretty god collection,
and it's pretty modern too
the store mostly sell the fabric for Kebaya, and some of the ready to use Kebaya,

I really like this particular one,
it's white organza with beautiful embroidery on the edges. it looks so simple but pretty
and i really like the 3/4 length sleeve, so chic!
all kebaya usually came in pretty much transparant material, lace is use commonly,
therefore, we should use the long torso bra inside the kebaya
the problem was on the size,
when i tried the M size, it was perfect for my shoulder and body,
but then it super tight on the chest area...that's the problem i always encounter when shopping for clothing. my boobiez size are one size larger than my entire body...
and when i tried the L size, it's fit on the boobs, but it's just too loose for the other part,
especially for the kebaya, if it's not fit, it could look super odd!!

so instead of buying this ready to wear Kebaya, we purchased the fabric only (the exactly the same material and pattern with this one)
the ready to wear one was Rp.590.000, - (around 60 usd)
and the fabric only was Rp. 400.000, - (around 40 usd)

and the store gave us a Taylor business card, we call and she said that the labor fee for making one piece of Kebaya was Rp.150.000,- (around 15 usd) pretty good price too ;)
i hope that the taylor can make a good one,
i want my kebaya to be little bit longer than the one i tried, so it will elongated my body too

if the taylor can make a good one, i will come back for make one more kebaya for my graduation next year ;)

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