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Friday, July 10, 2009

2009.07.08 Taman Soekasada / Taman Ujung

today i finally got the time to continue writing about the last part of our day trip to Karangasem.
Our last stop was on the very edge of East Bali, Taman Soekasada (Soekasada Garden). You can click on the link to read more about this garden ;)

from outside,
a lot of photographers using this site as their site for capturing pre-wedding photo shot
on the other side of the road...
arriving at the entrance, the admission fee was Rp.3500 ---> 40 cents!!
A trip will not be fun enough until I try the local food ;p
here's the lady that sell fish satay in front of the entrance gate,
if you've been reading my blog, you will know that I'm a food lover, and love to try out food, here there and everywhere...butttttttt...
NEVER, NEVER in my life i tasted such a great fish satay...NEVER!!! this is the real deal!! the fish was really fresh (this site is located in front of the beach), the sauce too, it marinated well, the satay was sweet with a hint of tangy'ness...awesomeness!! now i'm craving for more!!
her fish satay beat all of the fish satay i ever ate. Note: i'm not the biggest fan of fish satay, because usually the meat are always kind of dry or something like that...but this one was juicy and nice. I could not describe how good it was...God bless this lady for making such an awesome dish!!
price: Rp.2000 for 3 skewers ---> 20 cents for 3 skewers!!!!!
i was taking lots of picture there, and my dad was telling the lady that i was a journalist from USA...LOL!!!

this is my favorite picture of the day ;)
this is where she keep the money
this is how she serve my satay, on top of the banana leaf ;) awesomeness!!..i'm drooooooolinggggg nowww!!
Now, we entering the garden...
the ashes from Agung's eruption made Karangasem became a very prosperious land, it's the greenest location in Bali, I believe.
My cousins, Ebenezer & Malachi on the bridge's gate
Balinese Architectures are famous for the carving decoration
The garden, long long time ago,
my grandpa took my grandma here for their honeymoon ;)
My gramps, Tjie A Siong visiting this garden on his honeymoon ;)

Old picture of the Karangasem Royal Family
The King's Chamber, it was rather simple ;)
This Santa Claus looks alike gramps was the King of Lombok
King Anak Agung Bagus Djelantik with his 3 wifes
The King with his 12 children and 3 nannies
Beautiful view from the bridge,
The Lotus Ponds
The Stairway toward the better view
The view from the top was breathtaking!! the ponds water seems to merge with the ocean, made the illusion of a floating garden,
on the way down,
byebye Garden ~~
on the way back to Denpasar, we really enjoyed the beauty of the nature there ;)
last but not least...the boobies XD~

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