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Monday, July 27, 2009

2009.07.27 Wedding Cake Design

I finally receive the sketch of my wedding cake from Ixsoracakes, Bali
it's a 5 layers cake with a champagne / gold tones
i opt for a very simple wedding cake, so if i look at the picture in the next 10 years,
it will still look elegant and not cheesy...haha,
here's the sketch,
color wise, it's a little bit different from my original idea,
instead of the 5 gradation of the color,
I only want the 2 lightest colors, the champagne and gold,
and I also want the cakes to have more flowers on top

still cannot decide, whether i will have the icing flower with the same tone like the picture,
or to have some fresh flower that will match the table decoration,
so confuse!! ;p

i like the flower on this cake,
image from

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