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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2009.07.07 My Little Big Cousins

Today, just when i about to leave the house to go to the beauty salon,
my aunt and cousins from Semarang came to my place,
I haven't seen them for ages!!
m little cousins all grown up now, and they are all taller than me! so jealous ;p
while the eldest, Malachi is looks like his dad,
but the boy in stripes t-shirt is Ebenezer, the younger among them two,
i think he resemble my dad's look when he was younger,
his mom and my dad are sibling, and they almost looks like twin! haha
they asked me if i want to visit our big family's cemetery tomorrow,
weird enough, i never been there, so probably i will join them,
i heard that it's a nice place on the hill =)

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