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Friday, July 17, 2009

2009.07.17 Late Dinner

After the long day, i was passed out until 9pm!!
it's not something new, as a night person, it always looks like that I had eternal jet lag,
I always feel tired when the sun is still shining,
but when the sun goes down, my energy will start sister calls me "vampire"

when i woke up, i went to my parent's room and found out that they haven't had dinner as well,
so we went for a late dinner at Istana Restaurant.
Istana mean Palace, but the restaurant was nothing like a palace...hahaha,
its just funny how sometimes the name and the place itself could be so contradictive ;p

while waiting for the food, i was helping my dad with his new iphone, adding new contacts...i want my iphone too, it's so fun and the internet connection in Indo is cheap!
we can even get online with prepaid card, unlike the expensive provider in US
My Mickey Mouse jacket was from H&M, i got it for 15 bucks ;D
I love it, really comfy!!

Daddy & I...I looked so serious!! hahaha
do we look alike? ;)
crispy omelet with sweet and sour sauce
Kodong Goreng Mentega,
this if frog!! hahaha, good stuff man XD~
have you ate frog? did you like it?? let me know ;)
typical Indonesian side dish, fermented cucumber
Salted Fish Congee,
apparently, the only salted fish there is...was those little dices on top of my congee...haha,
and the preserved egg was...eww...not my favorite, i can tasted the strong chemical!! the worst type of preserved egg =(

I like the cripspy omelete & the frog dish, that's it ;p

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