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Monday, July 13, 2009

2009.07.14 My Husband Loves to Help his own way!!!

I married to a comedian...he always have his own way to "help" me!! LOL,
here's our ridiculous chat log, omg...i miss him a lot!!

S: i didn't get to tell you yesterday,
but it was so fun to talk to you
T: ya same here,
it's better than chatting online
S : too bad that the connection was horrible,
the voice like come and go.
do you still sleeping on my pillow?
T: yup,
because i don't have charger on my side of the wall
S: you are so gonna buy me a new pillow, yellow man...
T: haha. i give you mine
S: can you smell me on that side?
T: little bit
maybe it's the shampoo and conditioner that I'm using
S: wth...
you stil using my lux shampoo?
T: ya
S: finish your costco shampoo man!!
T: still a lot
S: huauhahuahuuhauhuhaa
you always want to buy cheap one
S: but end up using my expensive one
you are so annoying...uhahuahuuhauhahu, i miss you!
T: i'm helping you, since you not here to use it
S: i don't need your help, thank you!
T: but i really love to help
that's the person i am
S: not in finishing my shampoo!
T: i can't stop my generousity
wth tony!

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