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Friday, October 7, 2011

2011.10.07 Bebe's First Skinny Jeans & Growing Pains

Bebe surprise me everyday with his new trick. 
This morning, he took out the word card box from under the bed and bring it to my bed,
it was quite heavy for his size!! and after he moved the box, somehow his right arm was out of his
and this sweet little boy still loves to hold me before he went to sleep...
I don't know how much longer would he wants to hold me like this,
but I'll enjoy it for now :)
Today I'm so happy because Bebe's clothes came a week early from the scheduled delivery,
I order him some vest and his very first skinny jeans.
I think skinny jeans is great for rainy weather like now, since it's tighter on the bottom,
the bottom of the pants won't touch the ground and get wet / muddy.
my big boy in his skinny jeans
Today we went to the DMV office to schedule driving test for me next week. The lady that passed on the waiting number always give everyone nasty look...I wonder why -_____-
Anyway, I'm very excited to take my driving test next week, so I would finally got a driver license!!
After making the appointment, we went to eat Pho for dinner.
Bebe enjoying pho... XD
After we got home, I dyed my hair before hubby had to go to his basketball practice.
This time, I'm using 2 bottle of hair color to make sure I have enough product to saturated my hair. 
I haven't dyed my hair with this much product before, the washing hair part was scary, all my bath tub turn dark the water washed it away. 
This is the first time I'm trying this brand, it's quite moisturizing and my hair feel so smooth afterward.
I'll take more picture tomorrow :)
Talking about basketball, last week hubby told me this funny / ironic story. There was this old guy that play basketball with him, and the old guy asked hubby why he haven't show up at bball for a long time.
 Hubby said that he was busy taking care of the baby. 
Then the old guy said "don't spend to much time with your baby! they won't remember it anyway!" He said that he used to carry his son on top his shoulder and walk the son around, now the son is grow up and work as a dentist. The son doesn't remember anything about it and also doesn't want to hang out with the father anymore.

In a way, this story is funny how the old guy became so bitter like that, but it's also ironic at the same time that as parent, we try to cherish every single second of our baby's development. We want to pamper and hug them as long as we can, knowing that they won't remember any single thing we did to them when they were baby. I know for sure that my baby won't remember that I always kiss him everyday, that I say that I love him's sad...but I just want to enjoy all the moment. I want to kiss his chubby cheek everyday, and hug him until he fall asleep.
One day, when he grow up, I'll show him this blog to show him all his pictures since the day he was born, all  his funny stories when he was a little baby, all the precious moments we had together. I hope time won't flies too fast...just a wishful thinking...

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