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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011.10.04 Growing Up...Too Fast!

I'm so glad that I had finished posting the overdue posts from months ago. It is a lot easier and fun to write a daily short post than the super long monthly posts :)
Anyway, lately I've been telling hubby about how fast Bebe had grown up...Bebe is so big and tall now, and he always running around everywhere. I'm trying to taking as much pictures and recording as much videos of Bebe as I can, in attempt to preserve all those precious moments. It's funny that when Bebe was still little, we can't wait for him to be able to walk and stuff, but now, we miss the little him that would just let us hug him all day long...

Bebe really like to watch PBS Kids on Ipad
he climbed up the stairs while holding on this empty milk gallon...!!
I told hubby that this year I want to go to the pumpkin patch, 
and we are planning to go this weekend if the weather is nice. 
Then we saw this little pumpkin patch at QFC...hubby said, "now we don't have to go to the pumpkin patch anymore" LOL...
when we got home, the first thing Bebe grabbed was daddy's basketball 

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