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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011.10.11 Face Palm

I was uploading Bebe's old pictures all day long, mostly the 0-3 months old pictures, I got so many of makes me miss the little him <3 He was 3,5 months in this picture
I'm going to have my driving test on Thursday, so today my friend come over and take me to drive around the DMV office to practice more. Too bad it turn dark so fast that I couldn't practice longer, also it was raining. It made me nervous. 

Bebe is 16 months now, and he like to imitates whatever I do.
 After I cut his finger nails, he took the nail clipper and try to copy whatever I did earlier
I'll close this post by a hilarious picture of Bebe, he was sleeping with his palm under his cheek earlier,
so he got this hand mark on his cheek as if he got slapped (by his own little hand) really hard! XD

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