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Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010.06.16 Baby E Is One Week Old!!

Good morning!! today baby E is one week old, he getting bigger and heavier ;D

here's some picture from the am, before we went to bed...
baby E looks super old when he's cranky like this...LOL
Baby E can be irritatingly loud when he starts crying...but when he smiles, he melts my heart ;)
playing in bed before bedtime...
Daddy puts blanket on baby E :)
they often sleep like this...
it warms my heart to wake up in the morning and see them like this :)
super serious...!!
Morning photo session :)
...and suddenly he smiles so big! XD~
Breakfast time!
...the the burping time
Not long after that, hubby's family came from Vancouver, WA to visit baby E. They brought us so many fishes that they catch recently ;D

Auntie Carol gave baby E his first golds!! cute tiny rings, bracelets and necklace!
hubby's auntie, Tracy and baby E
Not long after hubby's family came, baby E demand for more food, he eat too much and puked...he did not burp well >,<Tai Kung (great greandpa) finally met Baby E, the first in the 4th generation who will carry on their family E is truly blessed that he got the chance to got hold by his great grandpa, and I'm so happy to see hubby's grandpa so happy when he met baby E ;)) 3 E with daddy & great grandpa
it's been a fun day for baby E to meet lots of family member...good night now ;)

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