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Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010.06.14 First Doctor Visit

Baby E is 5 days old today and it's the time for his first doctor visit.
Last night we were so happy to be home, but there were another challenge we were E woke up so often and was so cranky all night long. At one point I was too tired to nurse him and ask hubby to just give him formula milk...I was about to giving up on my plan to give him breast milk exclusively. Good thing hubby keep encourage me so I keep on going :)

After morning feeding, hubby try to burp baby E...good thing he put the big sarong on his E spit a lot!
On the way to the doctor office...He looked so serious and intense @___@
He was more relax when we arrive at the doctor office...
...even act like a little rapper...yo yo yo...I'm baby E!
Baby E sleep a lot during the day
it made me happy when daddy pampers me...hehehhe ;)
I never had idea that baby will loose some of their birth weight on the first few days of their baby E weighted 8lbs 3 oz (he was born at 8lbs & 13,8oz)
he measured .5 inch longer than his birth length already
last but not least...another blood test to keep track on his bilirubin level! baby E being so good, he didn't even cried! I was waiting and wondering how came it took so long for the lab people to start the test...I didn't hear my baby cried, so I assumed that the test haven't start ;p
eventually that day baby E was calm because his dad was holding him through the whole process :)
at E always passed out after each feeding and curled up his body...haha
he scratched his own face >,< Tai Po (Great Grandma from hubby's side) was stay with us for several days, she likes to hold cuddle E
Father and Son passed out...hubby said that baby E was so comfortable with that position he slept for more than 2 hours!
I love taking pictures of my babies...E have so much picture with his daddy!!
daddy is awake, but baby E still sleep so good...!
so he got mommy's lips! ;D
sometimes baby E smile in his sleep ;)
and sometimes he also makes the funny face...XD~
Later on, our friends, David, Ann and their kids came and visit us. Ann being so nice and help me filing baby E's nail while he (still) sleeping!
Baby Luke was one month older than baby E, and he was so relax and calm while baby E screaming around...hahaha...
Baby E fell asleep while I was trying to burp him after the feeding
multitasking daddy ;D

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  1. Congrats! I love reading updates of Baby E... he's so cute!


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