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Friday, June 25, 2010

2010.06.17 See You ~~

Baby E in his sleep... XD~
Hubby's family gonna go back to Vancouver, WA today...they only stay for one night.
Baby E play with Auntie Carol
With Uncle Steven & Auntie Carol...they came from Taiwan, and they visit US every year...bye bye for now, baby E will visit the big family on Chinese New Year 2011, by that time he will be 8 months old :)
After the family left, we took baby E to his nursery, and try out the crib...he looks so small inside his crib!!
...and he got very mad!! he hates it when we put him on the bed by himself... T___T we were about to train him to sleep on his own, but seems like we always picked the wrong time!! baby E was cries cries cries...and we tried to ignore it, just to find out that he got a very wet diaper at that time...bah! next time gotta check his diaper first before we try to train the bebe ;p
After lunch, daddy try to help him burp...bebe looks uber cute here XD~
ugh...I don't like it when mom and dad put me on the bed...I love being cuddle!!
..then I cried to get mom & dad's attention...
but they put pacifier to shut me up...bah! xp
I'm loud but I'm cute! (if you wonder...he did the pose himself!!)
Mommy and baby E
baby E spit when daddy tried to changed his diaper...then daddy helped him to burp, I think this picture is so E looks like a fat monkey from the
sleeping on mommy's E got mommy's lips :)
it's bath time!! baby E only a week and a day old but looks so big already o_O"
refreshed after the bath ;)
daddy combed bebe's hair side parted...bebe looks so old like this ;p
daddy fed him before bed time...
and he throw up again after you really need to learn how to burp well! then we changed his clothes, then go to sleep...good night :)

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