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Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010.06.11 Welcome Home Baby E

Friday, June 11th
We are so happy that the doctor told us that we will be discharged from the hospital, but before that, they have to do another blood test for baby E for the bilirubin level.
the way they drawn blood from infant were by poking at baby's feet, and E cried so hard when they did that to him. I feel sorry for my little baby, he was only 2 days old and have to get poked so much...I can't stop crying when seeing him crying like that =(
the doctor told me that it's totally fine and normal to be so emotional postpartum, but I think that my motherly instinct start kick harder, that I can't stand to see my baby in pain...I need to protect him from anything that can harm him...

after they finished all the test, hubby and I dressed baby E up and getting ready to take him home
Baby E reallu looks like my dad, Grandpa J in this picture...haha
Daddy buckled baby E'lephant to his Elephant ride ;D
All buckled up, baby E is ready to go home ;D
byebye hospital...thank you for taking care of baby E :)
this was the view from our postpartum suite
Finally we are home! why baby E looks so mad...?? @__@
trying out his new bed...he looks so small here
they said that newborn like being swaddled because it remind them of the feeling of mommy's womb
Baby E end up sleeping in our bed because hubby didn't want baby E to sleep by himself on his first first time parent, were so worry about the baby, we double wrapped him and put hat on his head, make sure baby E is all safe and warm
when he's awake, baby E like to observe his surrounding...he's so aware!

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  1. soooo cute! looking at this makes me want to have kids one day sooon :)


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