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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010.06.09 Welcoming Baby Ethan Wise Jehnsen Yang

Wednesday, June 9th
I woke up around 8 am and the doctor told me that I was already 9 cm dilated. wow! that's fun, I almost completely dilated while I was sleeping...sweet!!
they told me to continue resting and conserve my energy until I became 10 cm dilated.
ps. there was a side effect of the epidural that no one ever told me before...the epidural made my chest, back and tummy really itchy!! they have to put benadril shot on my IV to help me with the itchiness...and the benadril made me drowsy and sleepy ---> good thing! ;D

It was around 10 am that I woke up again and I was fully dilated, then by 10.15 am the nurse start couching me to push when the contraction come. So, whenever i feel the pressure down there, it's time to push, and hold it for 10 counting. We usually do 3 long push in every contraction.

after pushing for more than 3 hours the baby was still not showing any sign that he was going to come out. before that, the doctor try to turn my OP baby...but the stubborn bebe turn himself to OP position again...
I start seeing the doctor whispering to each other, and I got scared...I don't want to have c-section! then the doctor said that if by 1.15 pm the baby still not out, they have to "do something" about it. I keep telling them that I don't want to have c-section

so at 1.15 pm the OB doctor start using forcep to help my baby out...I close my eyes and didn't want to see any of those, since I'm very squemish. Hubby told me that they use a some kind of spatulas. The pain was horrible, that I was start shaking and loosing my breath, another anesthesiology were called to add more give me more pain killer (he was a young Asian doctor...pretty cute!!!!! bwahaha...). Good thing that the doctors were awesome! my OB doctor keep calling my name and asked me to look at her and tell me to take a long breathe, while the other doctor struggling to help my bebe out.
by the time they "got" the baby, they told me to push as hard as i can...I feel so weak from the 3,5 hours pushing already, but I gather all my energy to make a big push,
and in 3 big E was born into the world...and I became a mother and forget about all the labor pain already ;)

suddenly I heard my baby scream so loud, and they put him on my chest...It feel surreal when I touched him for the first time, his body was so warm. I look up at my hubby, he was all crying...
hubby cutting E's umbilical cord
Baby Ethan Wise Jehnsen Yang, Born at June 9th 2010 / 1.40 pm / 21 Inches / 8 pounds & 13.8 ounches

hello...I'm baby E!
Then, we were moved into the postpartum suite, We were quite lucky that we get the bigger room there ;)
Our dear friends, Joysha and Rusell were the first to greet baby E, they bring us so much food also!
Baby E is leaning how to smile already
then the nurse and daddy took baby E for bath
baby E have lots of funny hand gestures!
cute little toes
bebe is it's normal for newborn babies to have rashes
smile for daddy!


  1. I got teary eyed reading this !!!
    I've been waiting for this post, even though I follow you through facebook.
    Again, congrats, Senjehn !!
    U're so great !
    Being squeamish, but managed to pass through labor.

    Hugs and kisses for your little family...:)
    God Bless the three of you..

  2. ahhhh! congrats, doll! looking at these pictures made me wanna cry, too!! i don't blame ur hubby for doing so! :) it's like i we all went through this journey with you! so happy for you! i wish baby E good health and good years to come!

  3. Very touching entry! You're a great & brave mother. Congratulations on having a healthy baby boy!
    The postpartum suite looks really nice btw ;)


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