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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010.06.04 26th Birthday

First thing that I did on my birthday was...went to my OB-gyn for the weekly check up,
I was on my 40th week of pregnancy (39weeks and 4 days to be precise),
hubby and I was excited when the doctor told us that I was already 2 cm dilated, it getting closer to the labor...yay!!

After the doctor appointment, hubby and I went to The Cheesecake Factory to have my birthday lunch
I LOVE the Frozen Iced Mango, it was sooo good!!!! it was swirled with Raspberry Puree
Hubby's Cajun Jambalaya wonder this was their most popular food! it tasted so good...much better than mine! I almost tempted to order this dish, but then the description said that it was very spicy...I should know better that US's grade of spiciness has nothing on Indonesian grade of wasn't spicy at all!! ;p
My Shrimp With Angel Hair, it was ok...came with 4 shrimps only >,< after lunch we went home and I had a good long nap...ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzz =)
and we continue the birthday celebration with a small dinner with friends

Vios Cafe
903 19th Ave E
(between Aloha St & Prospect St)
Seattle, WA 98112
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
(206) 329-3236
my church friends ;)
beautiful bouquet from Hiromi, from her own garden!! it was Iris & Peony
The appetizer and salad was so tasty!!
Greek Salad
Grilled Octopus Salad
2 sets of the trio sampler dips with warm pita bread
hubby and I both got the lamb chop, the portion was small, but it was really good!!!!! ohhh...I LOVE lamb chop!!
some other entrees
my first birthday that I didn't have birthday cake on the celebration night (last year I got the best bday cake ever from hubby!!) , but I was happy ;D
after the dinner, some of us continue to Dilettante hunt for some good dessert...yummmm...
it was a dessert paradise, and I was in heaven!!! thank you Joysha for took me there, she surely knows all the best food in town!!
Russel & Kenny
Roni, Me & Joysha
40 weeks pregnant...the stomach was huge!! XD~
sweetness galore...dark, sweet and tempting!
somehow I really like this picture...the lighting on the glass was mesmerizing ;)
my sweet Joysha & Russel are always so romantic!
my official birthday cake, it was tiramizu with espresso ice cream! so delish!!! ;D
it was fun fun fun!!
Kenny's expression was hilarious!! LOL
Joysha insisted that she wanted me to open the birthday present from her, so hubby went back to the car and grab them
there were 2 presents, the smaller one was for me, and the bigger one was for baby E's one month celebration, since Joysha won't be here to celebrate it with us...she is always sweet and thoughtful! ;)

this was my present...a pair of incredibly beautiful earrings!!
she told me that they only sold it at Wing Luke Museum, where Russel work, I adore those earrings!! she added "Aren't they beautiful? I wanted one too but it's one of a kind :( The other set they had looked like marijuana leaves but they were Japanese Maple Leaf leaves HAHAHAHA!!!"

and the other gift for baby E Indonesian story book!! how sweet!!!!!!!
she was about to get the Balinese story book, but they were not in stock
it was a great day, thank you for everyone's participation, and thank you baby E to let me celebrate my birthday ;D

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