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Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010.06.12 Baby E Got Admitted to Hospital...

Good morning!! today baby E is 3 days old ;D
I was committed to do exclusive breast milk for baby E, so I was upset that we have to feed him formula milk due to his bilirubin level, yesterday before we got discharged from the hospital, the doctor told us that E's bilirubin level was higher than they expected. And since my milk hasn't arrive on baby's 3rd day (only colostrum), we need to feed him formula, so the bilirubin might go out more from his pee & poo...

Hubby surprised me, he was really good in taking care of E!
Baby E trying to hold his own bottle E always looks so serious!!
daddy help baby E burp after his meal
so dirty after the burping... @_@
but no worries, mommy had lots of cute clothes for baby E ;D

I fall in love with E's chubby fingers...they always have cute gestures XD~
Baby E at my vanity table that been converted into baby's changing table
As ordered by the doctor, we took baby E to the Swedish Lab at Ballard to get blood check for his bilirubin and 2 other stuff, today is the first day we took baby E on his stroller ;D
Baby E looks so intense...maybe he knew that they going to draw more of his blood =(
hubby accompany baby E while the lab people drawn his blood, I couldn't stand to hear my baby's cry, so I rather wait outside... >,< style="text-align: center;">after finished at the lab, we went home and get some rest

Just when I though the hard day was behind us, hubby got a call from the lab telling him that they need more blood from baby E, because the amount they've drawn earlier wasn't enough and baby E need to go back to the lab . I was so mad about that, how came they do such a careless thing like that!
I was in a lot of postpartum pain at that time that I just can't go out again, so hubby took baby E back to the lab by himself...then I took my prescribed pain killer and got some more rest...

then guess what...about an hour later when hubby came back from the lab, he got call that confirmed that baby E's bilirubin level was pretty high that he need to stay overnight at hospital to get treatment. I was so sad to hear the news...thinking about my little baby have to go back to hospital, I can't stop crying. If it were possible, I'm willing to take his place and gone through the treatment...
so I packed a bag quickly and we left to hospital.

Baby E have to gone through some sort of light treatment to reduce the level of his bilirubin, the machine looks like a tanning machine
since the light is a very strong one, they have to protect baby's eyes with a special "shade" and stick this cute heart-shaped velcro on bebe's head
He cried a lot during the treatment! >,<
We were glad that the nurse, Rachel was a great one. she came and checked on baby E's often ,and keep asking if there's anything she can do for us...but it was all changed when the night shift came, the night shift nurse, Robin was irritatingly ignorance and rude!
she rarely checked on baby E, hubby have to stay all night to keep his eye on baby E, since baby E was unhappy about the treatment and always try to grab off his was so dangerous!
I feel so useless as a mother because my move were so limited due to the postpartum pain...the pain killer wasn't a big help at all.

we asked the night shift nurse, Robin to came more often to checked on baby E, but she said that she have to take care 2 other babies that wasn't accompanied by their parent.
Excuse me...! it just doesn't make sense that since we stay at the hospital it made the nurse care less about our baby, we were really upset about that, and that crazy nurse keep arguing about this and that, she really shouldn't work as a nurse!
I remember when i asked her to help me warm the milk that I had pumped earlier, she told me just to feed the milk (that was previously put in the fridge) to my baby right away...can you believe it????!!!!

around 5.30 am hubby and I were to tired to stay awake any longer, and decide to take a nap on the sofa bed available on the suite...I can't have a good sleep at all because I was worried that baby E will grab off his shade, we were so exhausted...

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  1. aweee, hope baby e gets welll and everything turns out ok!


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