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Thursday, November 25, 2010

2010.08.29 BBQ at Carceek Park

The BBQ was held by our Church, after the Sunday service, we all went to Carceek Park
and of course I had to feed the baby before feeding myself some good food
this simply the BEST BBQ I have ever been too. the food was just amazingly was way beyond the regular hot dog and buns ;D
I made those Balinese Shrimp Skewers Wrapped around Lemongrass & The Chicken Satay
there was also Korean Short Ribs (Kalbi)
try to set up the volley ball net, it took them forever to do that...haha
baby E keep eyeing on daddy's plate XD~
got caught while trying to grab daddy's food...
baby E was unhappy about that >=(
another attempt to get the food...look at that tricky little hand! XD~
My Balinese Shrimp Skewer
those kids were so strong!
the volley ball game
then it was catching the water balloon game
hubby and I were the #2 winner ;D
and off course we have the group picture :)
although the weather was constantly change every 5 minutes (coudy & cold, sunny & hot...) after all it was a fun fun day :)
by the time we left the park, it was really cloudy and windy

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