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Monday, August 22, 2011

2011.08.22 April 2011

various moments from April 2011
Bebe is 10 months now!

2011.04.02 Tess & Bill Wedding

family picture :D
isn't he's lovely!!
I did the make of for the bride, check on her review here

2011.04.08 Delridge Playground

since bebe is big enough to play, we start taking him to's really fun!!

2011.04.10 Thai New Year

it's Thai New Year celebration at my Church and I was doing the make up for the dancer.
and later on having dinner at Hooters, I love their chicken wings!

2011.04.12 Afternoon Stroll at Alki Beach

2011.04.15 10 Months old Ethan is a good eater

he also love his fruits

2011.04.21 This is how He's Napping

2011.04.24 Easter Celebration

2011.04.25 This is what happened if bebe had more than 8 oz milk the night before

2011.04.27 Bebe loves his frozen pop

and also loves Ipad...

2011.04.30 Friend's Birthday Party

I love how orange and blue look so good together
eating the birthday cake...yumm!!

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