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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011.08.23 May 2011

2011.05.01 Sofa Shopping!

Bebe is 11 months old this month, and I love him more and more
so, hubby and I had been wanted to get a new sofa set for our living room. We went to like 4 or 5 different furniture store to find "the one"...who know that going for sofa shopping can be that hard!
this is the sofa that hubby was interested in
but at the end, this is what we got...I was so in love with the table that we had to find another sofa that would work with the table

2011.05.02 Happy Baby

2011.05.05 You Are My Sunshine...Bebe's favorite Book!!

I like to sing the song from the book to bebe :D

2011.05.08 Mother's Day Dinner

last minute dinner at Pike Place Market


isn't the sun hat looks so cute on him ;)
I don't know if anyone have the same problem, but bebe refuse to sleep on his crib at all...for him, being inside the crib = being inside the jail, it made him cry non stop and start gagging we converted his crib into toddler's bed. And he still hate it. Bebe end up sleeping on the floor, like those Japanese traditional bed...
rarrwwwww...I'm a tiger!
Summer is here, and inside our house became really hot. We decide that it's the time to put the curtain on. Hubby wanted to have the thermal curtain, but there wasn't any cute thermal curtain (they are ugly and expensive!) we put another layer inside. A cute gold zebra print :)

2011.05.24 Alki Beach

Since the weather is warm now, it's the time to have afternoon stroll at the beach
with friend's baby
we accidentally found this super cute playground
hubby trained bebe to walk...and bebe walked a lot today (while hubby holding his hands)!

2011.05.26 Revamped Living Room

the furniture finally arrived, now our living room become more cozy :)
2011.05.27 - 30 Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

My dear friends, Tessa & Bill Wynn love outdoor activity, and they asked if we I want to go camping for the memorial day weekend. I don't like outdoor they asked if I wanted to try stay at a lodge and go to hot spring. I said yes!
thank you for the Wynns for arranging everything!!

checking in at Log Cabin Lodge, Olympia
the view behind our cabin
inside the cabin were pretty ehm...old granny looking...haha
we were planning for a short hiking (like 1 hour or so) for the next day, but bebe had cold, so I stayed in the car with bebe while hubby, Tess & Bill went hiking
this little raccoon keep going to the food box...
it was raining on our 1st day...
we spent the night playing card
on the 2nd day, we went to Forks to have some lunch...yes, the Twilight's Forks...It surprised me that the town was very tiiinyyy...
there was Twilight bus, Twilight tour, Twilight this and that all over the town...even Twilight cooking book!!
the Beach was so windy and cold
we stop by a beautiful lake on the way back to the lodge
bebe is 11 months and only got 1 tooth...
smores at night... x3
on the 3rd day, we finally went to the hot spring!! (we went there on the 2nd day but we could not enter because they were full!)
bebe can only stay at the kids pool, hubby and I take turn to watch him
the biggest pool were COLD first I was really hesitated to go, but surprisingly, I enjoy the cold pool the most! the view was breathtaking, we were surrounded by the mountain.
I didn't stay long because bebe can't stay in the water too long, I took shower and wash bebe, then gave him milk at put him in the car to sleep...
later on that day, we stopped by the local street fair
bebe didn't like to stepping on the grass...
our last night
and guess what...bebe pick a new trick during our trip...flushing down the toilet!!

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  1. I wonder how's the new flushing down the toilet skill has been progressing?? :D


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